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A new study suggests that hypertension is a risk factor for dementia among women starting in their early 40s, but not for men. “Other studies have suggested that hypertension in midlife is a risk factor for dementia later in life, but these studies have mainly used blood pressure measurements when

The report High Blood Pressure Drugs (Hypertension) Market 2017 presents a widespread and fundamental study of High Blood Pressure Drugs (Hypertension) industry along with the analysis of subjective aspects which will provide key business insights to the readers. The United States High Blood Pressure Drugs (Hypertension) Market 2017 research report

Updated clinical practice guidelines for childhood hypertension, the first new guidance on this topic in the United States since 2004, have just been published by The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Joseph Flynn, MD, MS, FAAP, chief, Division of Nephrology, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, Washington, reviewed the most important changes

By Dr. Girish Godbole A 46-year-old gentleman came with a heart attack to my ER and was treated successfully. He was puzzled as to why he developed a heart attack when he had no other health problems previously. Tests showed changes consistent with long-standing high blood pressure (BP) or ‘hypertension’.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Community health workers can play a vital role in controlling hypertension in residents of low-income communities, new research suggests[1]. In the study conducted in Argentina, community health workers, using proactive strategies including home health coaching and home blood-pressure monitoring, were more successful in helping patients get

There is growing evidence that certain gut bacteria may contribute to high blood pressure (hypertension), along with smoking, high-sodium diets, and stress. In a few studies, when gut bacteria were killed off with antibiotics, patients with hypertension saw a drop in blood pressure. And when gut bacteria were transplanted from

October 06, 2017 Women with hypertension during pregnancy are at a greater risk for future CVD-related hospital admissions. Women with hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (HDP) have a significantly greater risk for future cardiovascular disease (CVD) when compared with normotensive expecting mothers,