Virginia Beach is the healthiest Southside city, according to study

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NORFOLK — A yearly health and education study conducted by Old Dominion found that, of the Seven Cities, Virginia Beach is the healthiest.

Researchers asked 908 residents throughout the region about their health, specific health conditions and their child’s health.

About 86 percent of Virginia Beach residents said they were in overall excellent or good health. Hampton residents followed with just under 85 percent. About 79 percent of Norfolk residents and 77 percent of Portsmouth residents answered the same.

Overall, less than 29 percent of the 908 residents polled said their health was excellent – the lowest rating since 2013. Most said they were in good health, which was about 54 percent of those polled. Less than 15 percent chose fair health, with only 3 percent reporting their health as poor.

When it comes to healthcare services, 43 percent of residents said services in the region were good, while 20 percent reported care was excellent. About 25 percent said services were fair, while 8 percent reported it as poor.

About one-third indicated they had visited their doctor more than four times in the past year, while 10 percent of respondents stated they visited a doctor, nurse or other care professional four times within the last year.

About one-third reported they visited a health professional two (18.7 percent) or three (13.8 percent) times in the last year. Fourteen percent said they visited a health professional just once, and 8 percent said they did not go at all.

More than half of those polled said they had not been diagnosed with asthma, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension or cancer in the last five years. High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading condition reported by those polled at 27 percent, with 16 percent reporting arthritis.

About 5 percent reported they had been diagnosed with cancer.

When it comes to children’s health, the survey asked respondents of these conditions – autism spectrum disorder or autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, visually impaired, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease and psoriasis – about 77 percent of respondents stated that their child had not been diagnosed with any of these conditions within the past five years.

Of the most common diagnoses, 14 percent said their child had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and 7 percent reported their child was on the autism spectrum.

Researchers also asked residents about their television watching and video-game playing habits over the last 30 days.

About half of people said they watched or played at least more than one to two hours per week, with 13.6 percent of them saying they did for more than three to four hours.

About 9 percent indicated that they watched television or played video games for more than four to five hours each week.

About 4 percent said they don’t watch TV or play any video games, while 18 percent reported said they watched and played more than five hours a week. About 7 percent said they watched or played less than one hour each week and 11 percent said they played or watched TV for an hour each week.

Researchers also asked about education in each city. Only 25 percent of those polled had children at home. Roughly 20 percent said their children were enrolled in public schools, while 4 percent attend private schools and about 1 percent were home-schooled.

About 28 percent said their local public school system was excellent, with 42 percent reporting they were good. Fair ratings were reported from 20 percent while 9 percent reported poor ratings.

Chesapeake and Virginia Beach residents were more likely to rate their public schools are good or excellent, with 73 percent and 79 percent respectively. Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton and Norfolk residents were between 44 percent and 49 percent reporting at good to excellent.

Portsmouth residents reported the lowest excellent to good ratings at 31 percent.

About 39 percent of those polled said their children’s instruction was excellent, while 40 percent said it was good. Roughly 12 percent said instruction was fair while 6 percent reported instruction was poor.

Read the full results online.

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